GENRE: Political Satire


When Ms. Delaney, a first grade teacher in a worn-out school district, is presented with financial incentives to try an innovative educational program she jumps at the chance. When she realizes that the program is turning her students into robotic test-taking machines, she finds herself more deeply ensnared than she realized. In a world of No Child Left Behind and consistent government cuts to education, Proficient forces us to contemplate the dirty underbelly of America’s educational system, and asks the vital question: is what we are doing really serving our children?



MS. DELANEY- A first grade teacher, with requisite colorful sweaters and contagious energy.

CRAIG- An attractive man. Powerful and smarmy.

RODNEY- The muscle behind Craig’s ideas.

PARENT 1, 2 and 3 and TEACHER- Played by the same actor as RODNEY.

Chorus of CHILDREN