Who is this girl?!

It all began with a young girl in Maine, talking to a village of imaginary friends. Some might say that these were the first characters that came from that tiny head. Then came a neighborhood talent show, which included an epic performance of "I feel good", the song previously made famous by James Brown. From there a star was born, or at least a person with a lifelong quest for attention. As an adult, people marvel at this person who fully commits to her karaoke performances, even while completely sober.

Jess is a playwright, librettist, dramaturg and teacher with work being presented across the country in New York, Providence, Boston, Washington DC,  Albuquerque and Iowa, where she earned her MFA from the Iowa Playwrights' Workshop. Jess is an affiliated artist of Sleeping Weasel and a member of the playwrights' collaborative modeled after 13p, Boston Public Works.

Jess loves to be in a rehearsal room working on plays that ask confusing questions with smart people to help interpret them.

She wonders why biographies have to awkwardly be written in 3rd person as though some famous person were saying these nice things when, in fact, it's just more things that she has written about herself. If Jess were writing this, she would surely be appreciative of your interest in her work.