GENRE: Dark Comedy


Kadijah is 16 and ready to leave her house. The only problem is, she doesn't have much experience being anywhere but her house due to a medical condition. She continues her life inside where she deals with her introvert younger sister, Taya and her over-protective mother.  As Kadijah starts to see glimpses of the outside world she begins to question if she should stay in a house that is suffocating her, or if she's willing to risk her life to get out into the world. 



KADIJAH: 16-year-old girl. She has a medical condition.

TAYA: 14-year-old girl. Kadijah’s sister.

CAROL- Kadijah and Taya’s mother. Doing the best she can as a single mother.

DAVE- Kadijah and Taya’s father. He no longer lives with them.

MAURA- Woman at the park

TATE- Reoccuring man in Kadijah’s dreams. Uncanny resemblance to Dave.

ELISE- 14-year-old girl. Taya’s friend.